IMG_8269Bridges & Blossoms was founded in 2009 to provide an early childhood experience for preschoolers that would embody Montessori principles and be defined by Christian faith.

We are proudly committed to the Montessori principles of multi-age classrooms in a prepared environment, uninterrupted work time, self-directed activity, and individualized lessons.  We believe that a Montessori education in all its fullness uniquely prepares children for the world and provides the ideal environment for students to come to know themselves, the world, and ultimately their place in it.  Montessori believed that children had in them at birth the potential to do great things in life.  We agree.  Our program is designed to meet children’s needs and abilities with an individually paced curriculum.  This will challenge students to reach their personal potential, and fulfill the design that God intended for their life.  Montessori offers an unequalled educational experience that allows children to develop their whole person—cognitively, emotionally, physically, and spiritually.

At Bridges & Blossoms, we teach the basics of Christian faith to our preschoolers:  God is our creator.  Jesus is our Savior and wants to be our best friend.   We define ourselves as a preschool by these beliefs, and have many families in our school community that adhere to the same beliefs.  Just as Jesus included all people in his message and invitation, we welcome all families of any belief or background to our school.

Our daily curriculum includes studies of specific Bible Stories and characters, lessons on moral development based on basic Christian principles, and Biblical teachings that we are God created, purposed with a plan for each of our lives, and that we live our lives to reflect God’s love to others.

While we have those specific times that are devoted to the teaching of our beliefs through Bible stories, prayers and songs, our faith is woven into all that we do on a daily basis.  The spiritual development of the child is consistently supported by incorporating age appropriate prayers and songs, and stories and lessons integrated throughout all curriculum that emphasize the beauty of creation, the loving nature of God, and the wonder of each person.

A typical day in our classroom consists of circle time, work time, snack and recess.  During our circles children can share, talk about the weather and calendar, listen to stories, sing songs and engage in lessons ranging from social skills to cultural subjects, art, and science.  A large portion of our morning will be our work time.  This is when children are given the opportunity to choose lessons which interest them, and will be given individual lessons by the teacher.  These lessons are tailored for each child based on their developmental stage academically.  Children will be given outdoor play time as weather permits, and snack is offered during the morning.